Tuesday, July 31, 2012

「火」Tシャツ☆ TShirt

Today I had the brilliant idea to cut up an old Tshirt that had a really crazy seam. Instead of going down the sides, the seam on one side started under the arms and swirled to the middle of my stomach. It didn't work very well. So i cut the Tshirt into one really long strip, then pulled it and it became a sort of jersey yarn.

I tried it before with my dad's old cotton Tshirts, but the shirts just shredded and left little white lints everywhere. This time it was not messy at all. The finished yarn ball was quite small.

After I cut off the bottom seam, I decided to twist it up and managed to fashion it into a sort of bracelet. I reallyyy like it. The only problem is that the knot on the end is really fat. Also, I'm not really sure if it'll keep its shape when I take it off. We'll see.

In other news, I got a Tshirt in the mail from USC today! I haven't opened it yet, but it came in a super cute compact package.

And I ate a huge and delicious salad for dinner. Salad makes me happy

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