Thursday, July 26, 2012

「水」バットマン☆ Batman

Yesterday was my friend's 18th birthday and party! We watched The Dark Knight Rises and man was it good. I'm a Batman nerd so I got really emotional during the movie, especially when it ended. I was a little sad that none of my other friends knew anything about Batman. Questions like "Who's Robin?" break my heart.
Anyway, after dinner, we ate at Red Robin (TIM DRAKE??). I got a giant hamburger(which i forgot to take a picture of) but I could barely even eat half of it... Very yummy though.

Birthday boy! I said happy birthday to David in a helium voice. It was quite embarrassing, but worth it because it just sounded so funny.

We got 15 balloons from our server. I felt a little bad for her, but the balloons were fun.
only 6/15 balloons in this pic
After dinner, a few of us went to eat Yogurtland. I love the Hello Kitty cups. And Tuxedosam spoons!

fun night.

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