Monday, July 16, 2012

「日」お盆☆ Obon

Yesterday was the Obon Festival! Especially since my grandma is staying with us, we decided to go check out the festival. (pictures: me and my sister, then a random dog that was cute)


The festival turned out to be pretty disappointing. There was a Taiko Drum performance and food stalls, but that was really it! We bought some slushie drinks (yummy! but expensive) and some manju, then went home.

random people dressed up. probably to perform
The girl in the yukata has the same 団扇 as me!
I really like Taiko. I think it's cool how it moves you physically while you watch. I also liked the yelling. I tried to take a video, but when I went back to watch it, it was only 2 seconds long! Such a waste.

Taiko is so cool!
The manju was really delicious, but filling. I wanted to stop eating after half of it. But I ate it anyway. When we got home, my dog went crazy and ate all the 栗まんじゅう (Kurimanju) that we bought. It was beyond sad.


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