Tuesday, July 10, 2012

「火」長くなる☆ Getting Longer


I knit a lot of my scarf. It's getting longer. I'm so happy! The shape is a little weird because the length between the cables aren't the same. It's no use worrying about that at this point...

昼ごはんに韓国食を「Kong Tofu & BBQ」に食べた。おいしかったけど、スープの写真を撮ることが忘れた。残念。

I ate Korean food at Kong Tofu & BBQ for lunch. It was yummy but I forgot to take pictures of the soup we ordered. So much regret.

At least the side dishes look-and were!- delicious

I went back to The Daiso and bought the set of 4 double ended knitting needles. I wanted to buy them yesterday, but I have so many knitting needles already, so I didn't buy them. But I really wanted them and they're cheap, so I bought them today. I'm going to try that scarf pattern one more time and see if it works.

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