Friday, July 13, 2012

「金」花金!☆ TGIF!

I'm going to use a different style to blog from now on. I just can't say everything that I want to say when I blog in Japanese.

I bought a Sunrise Melon Pan at Marukai the other day. It's basically a melon pan that doesn't have the cross hatch on the top. It's super yummy. I ate half for breakfast this morning and the other half for a light lunch.

In the morning I went to Starbucks. I was going to meet my friend, but she wasn't able to make it, so I hung out there by myself for a while and knit. It was interesting to see the different groups of people who meet there. Mom groups, bible study grandpa groups, young friends. I got a coffee frappuccino, which is what I always get.

I went with some friends and my sister to Santana Row for shopping. We didn't buy anything, just window shopped. I finally went to Fantasia! I got a Red Bean Milk Tea. It wasn't what I was expecting, but it was tasty. The red bean milk tea at Verde's is better I think. The interior of Fantasia is so nice.

At Urban Outfitters, there were adorable Boo plushies! I love Boo. He seriously is the cutest dog ever.

We traded one of my sisters for the other, and were joined by 3 more friends for Korean BBQ dinner. It was so good! There was so much food. I got bibimbap in a stone pot.

Half the group got unlimited BBQ meat. They ate so much it was shocking.

1 out of 6 plates of meat!
At the not unlimited table, we asked for extra side dishes so that we could take them home. I had a ridiculous amount of food to take home, like 3 more meals worth!

Mostly side dishes.
Then we went to a different area for dessert. The bakery that we went to had such cute cakes in the display case!

Then we got a shave ice with tons of fruit. It was sooo yummy and I ate so much of it! But it's mostly ice, so it's not THAT unhealthy... right?

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  1. Iphone photos come out so nicely. :)
    We are terrible people...extra side dishes, though the people who sat at the table next to us didn't even touch the japchae!
    Anyway, today was fun!
    Is this...what they call...青春?!