Monday, November 26, 2012


The waitress brings the chicken stir-fry and my lemon meringue pie and fills our coffee cups. Then she smiles and goes off to die.
These flowers will be rotten in a couple hours. Birds will crap on them. The smoke here will make them stink, and tomorrow a bulldozer will probably run over them, but for right now they are so beautiful. 
Survivor — Chuck Palahniuk
Finished my 40th book for the year. I like this book, but Palahniuk is a weird guy.
I can't decide if I should start on the next book or just let it sink in for a day or two. If only I had someone to talk to about these books.
I get the urge to listen to Nirvana lately. Maybe I should actually buy the album since I'll prob like it anyway.
In other news, my job is boring and I don't want to have actual conversations with my boss.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

「日」There and Back Again

Went home, saw friends. Back at school. It's relaxing to be here.
How this feels is just like ten years ago, when I rode with the police downtown. And once again, I am weak. And minute by minute I'm moving away from salvation and into the future.
Survivor — Chuck Palahniuk
I'm on round 2 of read all of Chuck Palahniuk's books. I'm very confused so far in this book, but it's starting to come together. I'm not sure if the version I have is missing parts, or if this book just doesn't have chapters. I feel like these books would be more enjoyable if I had the physical books.
I brought quite a few books back to school with me, and I hope I can make time to actually read them soon. A Clockwork Orange, Kafka on the Shore, and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I might end up taking all of these books back home with me in 3 weeks.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

「水」Personality Test

You are an autonomous striver with hidden strength
Your responses indicate a desire to overcome a persistent feeling of emptiness or dissatisfaction. You believe life should have more to offer, and fear you have somehow not achieved everything you deserve.Your desire for legitimate respect and success has led to increasing anxiety. Consequently, you no longer exhibit some of the friendliness and openness for which you were once known.Similarly, you fear being overly influenced by others. You are often fiercely independent, which sometimes leads to being resistant to the opinions of friends and relatives — even to the point of denying what you fear may actually be true.This behavior stems from your wish to be regarded as an authority. It leads you to react strongly when you suspect you might be wrong. At times you feel that too much is being asked of you, and that you are not properly recognized for your efforts. This situation — be it fueled by others’ jealousy or negligence — adds to the stress in your life.Luckily, your determination is unyielding. Unlike others facing similar adversity, you forge ahead despite the challenges. Through strength of will or simple endurance, you are unique in your ability to withstand the troubles of a complicated life.

Somehow accurate.
Apparently there were other parts to the personality test, but I didn't finish it.
Being home is nice and relaxing. I feel the urge to create something.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So much culture these days. I got together with some friends this weekend and we watched Fight Club. It's interesting to watch a movie right after you read the book. Some parts were so similar, but others were a little different and it threw me off.
I finished Dance Dance Dance today, but I'm still in the post book daze. I'm not quite sure what I think about it yet, but I'm confused what happened haha.
I finally get to visit home for Thanksgiving this week :) I'm so excited to see my sisters again. and my puppy <3 Bad thing though is that I need to pick a new book to read for the trip now.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

「木」Stealing Honey

It wasn't that I stubbornly resisted information, I simply had no desire to know anything. Even so, I knew things were happening. The world didn't stop. I could feel it in my skin, even sitting alone in my apartment. Though little did it compel me to show interest. It was like a silent breath of air, breezing past me. 
Dance Dance Dance Haruki Murakami, 8.
Crazy citation there.
Stole a bunch of honey and tea from the dining hall. Day 2 of quite sick. It'd be nice to be home right now. It's my puppy's first birthday. Also the birthday of two of my friends.
I've been listening to a lot of new music from my sister. I like her musical taste.
 picture courtesy of my sister.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

「水」Blog Identity Crisis

So I was going to make a new blog. Actually, I made a new blog, but then I realized that it doesn't matter and I can blog however I want. So here's my blog. 

Nothing on the internet is original it seems. I reblogged this on my tumblr, and went back as much as I could in the sourcing. Ended up at pinterest and back at tumblr, then finally to Design Elements Blog, but I couldn't find it on the blog, and I doubt it was originally from there.
Fight Club is an interesting read. I'd rather read all day than study.