Wednesday, March 27, 2013

「水」The Grind

Back to school, back to a pile of work. But before I came back to school, spent an afternoon in Palo Alto with my sister. We went in a nice bookstore, but all the books were classics/vintage and not cheap at all. And no Chuck Palahniuk.
George Orwell... so many different publishers. Still need to read most of these. I've only read Animal Farm and 1984.
Saw this one and thought of my sister. Her two favorite things: Hokusai and Math! but blurry pic.

I really want to get a USC sweatshirt. Probably the black one.. but they never have small sizes.. I've been back twice already. Maybe I should get a batman sweatshirt instead.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


In the foreground, I sit on a white-painted kitchen chair with my feet propped on a similar table, my legs crossed at the ankle, my hands holding a ream of paper. A note flutters, held by paper clip to the title page. In slanted handwriting the note reads: I demand you savor this while it still reeks of my sweat and loins. Signed, Lillian Hellman.
Tell-All — Chuck Palahniuk
Home for spring break! We ran a lot of errands today. I am torn between spending my time on video games and books. but then again, what's new?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

「金」Sunny SoCal

The weather here is insanely beautiful everyday. The sun is strong and it's warm but not too hot. The only bad thing is my skin's propensity to tan. Blasted tan lines!
I guess the sooner I accept my tan fate, the less sad I'll be so I better get on that.
The warm weather makes me miss my days of being a counselor at church camp.