Friday, July 13, 2012

「木」コーヒー☆ Coffee

もう一回同じショッピングセンターに戻った。4日間、3回行った。今日喫茶店に行った。「It’s a grind」。いい喫茶店だった。オーナーさんは親切だ。オーナーさんの息子さんが私たちの注文した。かわいい子。

I went back to the same shopping center again. In the past 4 days, I've gone 3 times. Today, I went to a coffee shop called "It's a Grind". It was a nice place. The owner was really nice, and her son took our orders. He's such a cute kid!


I got a vanilla latte. yum! My sister and I spent two hours at the cafe. She wrote and I knit some of my muffler. It was definitely relaxing. The bad thing was that I forgot my cell phone, so I had to use my sister's phone to take pictures.


In the evening, I went for a walk with my friends. It's nice to exercise a little. I want to go on a walk tomorrow too.

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