Sunday, July 8, 2012

「日」もう一回☆ One more time

今日「Micro Fiction」の冒頭を読んだ。話はすごく短い。2枚ページだけ。ほんとにおもしろい。

I read the beginning of Micro Fiction today. The stories are amazingly short. Only 2 pages. They're really interesting though.


I practiced and today I learned how to knit with the Continental technique. It's a little hard, but it's convenient. It's also fast.


I started making a circular scarf. The pattern is here. I'm just starting, so it's still short, but it'll get longer soon. Tomorrow I'm planning on bringing it to class. Then I can knit a little before class starts.


I attached a note card at the bottom so that I can write what row I'm currently knitting.

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