Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm leaving for college tomorrow!! It has been so stressful packing and getting everything together.
I've been visiting with my friends as much as possible and people have been coming to see me. I'm so grateful.
Last night I hung out with Michael and Jackie. We got starbucks and hung around town talking and singing along to the radio. One of the best nights of the summer.
Today Vincent came over to hang out and Pocket came with her sister to give me some homemade cookies. I'm so happy but still so nervous for Wednesday when move-in day is. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

「火」歯医者☆ Dentist

Oh dear me, I completely ruined my daily blogging streak. It can't be helped I suppose.
In the past week, I finished my summer class, went to Great America, went to the dentist, and started to really pack to move to SoCal.
sunset from a walk the other day
Working on my final was really tough because I didn't really understand what my teacher wanted me to write. But I wrote something and turned it in. haha! we'll see how the grade turns out.
I went out for lunch on the last day of class with Mee-Sung and Kristen. It was a goodbye lunch for Kristen, who already left for China. I'll miss her!!
our drinks are a family! Plus my wallet is the family cat.
The ramen was prettyyy good!
Went to Great America with Vincent, Kandice, and Lawrence. I was going to go with my other friend, but she couldn't make it. It was fun. We didn't go on a ton of rides, but took our time and chilled out. The rapids ride, which is usually one of my favorites, was horrible! They changed the ride so that you 100% get wet and not just splashed anymore, but SOAKED! it was not fun. The other ride, it's like a big 15 people slide, was much more fun. The day after I was so sore from being jostled it was sad. It took 3 days for the soreness to go away!
I went to the dentist yesterday and I got 1 cavity filled, and today I have to go back to get another filled. :( My mouth is so sore! They missed with the numbing injection yesterday and then it really hurt when they started fixing it. They had to give me another shot, but then after my face was so numb that I accidentally bit myself. It's not a happy situation.

Friday, August 10, 2012

「火」ターゲット☆ Target

The hunt for dorm essentials continues! I went to Target and found a nice comforter that was even cheaper than the one I found at BBB! My comforter for my bed at home is also from Target. I like the blankets there. And only $20! 安い!
Other than that, I bought some first aid essentials, a desk lamp, shampoo and conditioner, and some storage bins. I got a big bin to put all my yarn in, but they barely fit. Actually, they don't all fit. I put some more yarn in a shoebox, but I'm still debating whether or not I should buy another bin.
I got the teal one

exacto knives!

The yarn is PACKED!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Something a little different than my usual blogging. I made a mix on 8tracks. It's just a bunch of old JRock songs that I particularly like.
Please listen and enjoy!

久しぶり from bearfamily on 8tracks.


I went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond with my mom yesterday for things for my dorm room. We got a huge amount of items for my dorm room. Sorry for the poor quality pictures today! 

Also, I got a graduation present yesterday in the mail too. I'm not sure if it's a real topaz or not, but I think it's  really pretty. 

Before my class in the morning I went to get a Zebra Hot Chocolate at the school cafe bar. I have to say, it was not as tasty as the one from Starbucks. But not bad.

「日」コンピューター☆ Computer

I'm getting all my stuff together to go to university in a few weeks. It's nerve racking. So I got a huge monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse and a whole desktop setup to attach to my laptop. TADA!!

I feel like a computer hacker on tv with all this computer equipment around me. And I finally got an external hard drive!! Finally I can make a backup of my computer. What a relief!

I'm really into Earl Grey Tea these days, so I made myself a small pot to drink while working on my computer. I put blueberries in it on a whim, but it made absolutely no difference.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

「土」糸☆ Yarn

Yesterday morning I went to an estate sale with Pocket and her sister. The advertisement said that there were hundreds of skeins of yarn, so we went to go check it out. There were huge bins of yarn, and a lot of matching skeins. It was great. Most of it was ribbon though, and I'm not sure how to use that, so I didn't get it. I bought all the cotton yarn that was there. The skeins are small, but there were a bunch of them, so I think it's okay. I got 11 skeins and a ball of yarn for only $10!

I looked up the prices of the yarn and even though I couldn't find the price of the Bernat, it came out to around $27 not even including the price of those three skeins! Good deal! I'm super excited about using these, but I don't know what to make yet.
Then Pocket and I split up the DC postcards that we bought together. It was a pack of 100 postcards of vintage comic covers. super exciting. We each got 50, so it was a great deal. These are some of my favorites.

In the afternoon, my sister and I took our dog to the park with some of her friends and one of their dogs. It was the first time that Godzilla met a girl dog, and also the first time that he didn't get over scared or over vicious with another dog! Godzilla made his first friend!

The dog's name is Mocha and she's super sweet. It was a fun afternoon and Godzilla really got to use his energy.

For dinner, my family and I went to a nice Chinese restaurant and had a huge dinner, but I forgot to take pictures again! I only got a picture of my half eaten Hot and Sour soup. haha!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

「金」何も☆ Nothing

Even though it was just yesterday, I can't really remember what I did yesterday! So crazy!
I went to the library to copy my driver's license and university ID card to send in to complete my bank account application. Then I went to the post office to mail it and finally stopped by Starbucks and got a nonfat latte. yum.

I have to say though, I don't think that Starbucks is as good as small cafes or restaurants. I'm not too sure though. I am no expert.

Friday, August 3, 2012

「木」ガイ☆ Guy

After class today I went to Guy Fieri's restaurant that's a little ways away. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the food was fantastic. The decor was a little strange because there were huge pictures of Guy Fieri covering all of the walls and the booth that we sat at was huge, probably big enough for 8 people. I had Cajun Chicken Penne and a Caesar Salad, and my mom got Lime Calamari. yumyum.

After that we went shoe shopping because I really need a new pair of flats. I found these fuzzy blowfish flats with a big bow on the top and I fell in love. It'll take a bit to break them in, but they're super cute and I'm really happy.

Vincent came over to eat dinner with us, and he brought us some Korean ice cream in a bag. It's almost exactly the same as Coolish that I ate in Japan! so yummy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

「水」イースィマック☆ Easy Mac

My sister came home from her business trip today. I missed her and we were silly all afternoon. We especially bothered the puppy a lot. heh heh. He's nice when he's sleepy.

In the afternoon the three of us (my sisters and I) went to Peet's Coffee because we had a coupon for a free medium drink. There were so many people there and the baristas were so busy, I felt bad for them. I got a Caffe Freddo, but I didn't actually like it very much. There were ground expresso beans in it, and it gave the drink a strange texture because I felt like I should have been chewing the bean fragments. It was just strange. The taste, however, was really good! I'll probably stick to a non blended drink next time. I liked how my nails matched the color of the cup and straw though.

Dinner was lazy today since neither my sister nor my father were eating at home, so I made myself some Easy Mac and went to town. So delicious!

I got some good sewing done for my blanket and also read quite a bit, so I was very happy today.