Sunday, July 8, 2012

「土」ローリング☆ Rolling


Today I didn't do much. My knitting project was going all wrong, so I unraveled it and made the wool into a ball. It was a larger ball than I expected.

The yarn ball. Lip balm for size reference!


We ate lunch at Sushimaru. I had beef teriyaki. The meat was so tender and delicious. There was a lot of teriyaki sauce too, which you don't always get.

Close up!!


My sister's so cute with the sushi boats! We only ended up getting Edamame from the boats though. It's kind of a waste, but the lunch sets were enough.


These are the presents I bought for my friends. Aren't they cool? I gave the present to P-san today and she was really happy. I'm glad!

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