Monday, July 9, 2012

「月」友達☆ Friends


It's been a while, but I finally met up with my friends after class. We ate lunch. I missed them so much! The last time we saw each other was after graduation. I had a small salad. It was cheap, but the taste was only so so. I don't really like blue cheese. My friends had good meals though.


Introducing!! This is my friend Micchan! She's super funny. She returned from Korea last week. We met up today, but I forgot her birthday present. (ーー;)


After lunch, another friend joined us and we got bubble tea. I don't really like this cafe, Verde's. I had a mango tea, but it was way too sweet. I got R-san to change Micchan's lychee tea for a red bean drink. R-san is strong willed. It's admirable.


Introduction!! This is P-san!! Isn't she cute?? P-san likes to take pictures with her instant camera. It's so nice~
heehee photo editing apps!


I bought a few things at The Daiso. A mechanical pencil and a business card file book.


I bought face care sheets for under the eyes, and a pomegranate face mask. I want to try and see how they work. I'll probably try them with my mom.


When I wasn't home, my puppy made a mess of my knitting. The yarn ball was completely tangled. I made it into a ball again, but the ball was huge! I continue on with the project. 

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