Saturday, July 28, 2012

「土」車 ☆ Car

Today I washed my car. It really needed it. haha. It wasn't that exciting, but it was pretty taxing.
After that I took a long shower, and relaxed for the rest of the day.
INTRODUCING!! Finally, this is my dog Godzilla! He's a Chinese Sharpei. Adorable, but the worst trouble maker ever! よく迷惑をかけるよ。But we forgive him because he's cute.

In the evening I watched some Olympics (swimming medley, beach volleyball, and gymnastics) and THE DARK KNIGHT!! Somehow my sister had never seen it before, so we watched it.
Stay well and goodnight!!

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  1. I watched a ton of table tennis and air rifle... The Olympics always make me want to try out different sports that we don't normally get to try. Air rifle in schools?! I don't think so, lol. Maybe archery, hmm...