Tuesday, July 31, 2012

「火」Tシャツ☆ TShirt

Today I had the brilliant idea to cut up an old Tshirt that had a really crazy seam. Instead of going down the sides, the seam on one side started under the arms and swirled to the middle of my stomach. It didn't work very well. So i cut the Tshirt into one really long strip, then pulled it and it became a sort of jersey yarn.

I tried it before with my dad's old cotton Tshirts, but the shirts just shredded and left little white lints everywhere. This time it was not messy at all. The finished yarn ball was quite small.

After I cut off the bottom seam, I decided to twist it up and managed to fashion it into a sort of bracelet. I reallyyy like it. The only problem is that the knot on the end is really fat. Also, I'm not really sure if it'll keep its shape when I take it off. We'll see.

In other news, I got a Tshirt in the mail from USC today! I haven't opened it yet, but it came in a super cute compact package.

And I ate a huge and delicious salad for dinner. Salad makes me happy

「月」iPhone☆ iPhone

Yesterday I didn't do much except I went to the apple store finally and bought a new iPhone! I dropped my iPhone a couple months ago, so the screen was terribly cracked. Now it's all better. I'm so relieved that I resolved this before I went to college.
I read a lot yesterday. I finished two books. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien and Specials by Scott Westerfeld.
The Hobbit Specials (Uglies, #3)
I'm trying out inserting the covers. Well, it was nice catching up on some reading.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

「日」バーコード☆ Barcode

I started off the day by going to the movies with Mike, his little brother, and V. We watched The Dark Knight Rises. I saw it just a few days ago, but neither Mike nor V saw it yet and I wanted to see it again. Besides, morning movies cost less than usual. It was just as amazing the second time as the first time. I understood a lot of the smaller details this time, but I was a little bored in the beginning. I probably won't watch it a third time.
After the movie and a quick lunch at home, I went to Barcode with my friends Kristen and Phoebe. I got a Red Bean Yuki, which was basically liquefied red beans. I need to try out a new drink. These red bean drinks don't usually work out. It didn't taste bad, but it was a little strange, and pretty heavy.

I also bought a raspberry macaron and the woman at the counter gave me a passion fruit macaron for free because they don't sell well! Lucky me! They were both very delicious. The passion fruit one may have even been better than the raspberry.

Phoebe gave me a really pretty (friendship?) bracelet that she made just for me! I really like it. It's so much nicer than the ones I buy! I hope I can take good care of it and keep it for a long time.

At home, the dog was sleeping in a funny position. I always try to catch a picture of him when he's sleeping with his legs straight out, but I'm not so successful at that.

Since I'm leaving for college in less than a month (just about 20 days!) I decided that I really need to get my butt in gear and finish my granny octagon blanket. I had a bunch of octagons already made but without the ends sewn in, so I finished up a few and sewed them on to the blanket.

My goal is to make at least one octagon, ends sewn in and attached to the blanket, a day. It's definitely doable and I also have to catch up with all of the ones I already made. Not to mention all the squares I have to make for the in betweens. I finished two octagons and two squares today. Progress!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

「土」車 ☆ Car

Today I washed my car. It really needed it. haha. It wasn't that exciting, but it was pretty taxing.
After that I took a long shower, and relaxed for the rest of the day.
INTRODUCING!! Finally, this is my dog Godzilla! He's a Chinese Sharpei. Adorable, but the worst trouble maker ever! よく迷惑をかけるよ。But we forgive him because he's cute.

In the evening I watched some Olympics (swimming medley, beach volleyball, and gymnastics) and THE DARK KNIGHT!! Somehow my sister had never seen it before, so we watched it.
Stay well and goodnight!!

「金」バッファローウィング☆ Buffalo Wings

Friday is my day off from classes, but I didn't do anything for most of the day.
For dinner, I met up with my friends, Mike and Jackie and we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. I've been wanting to try it for a while, and it was so good!

The waitress was a little rude, especially since we didn't know how to really order. It worked out though. We got 24 wings for the 3 of us and it was just about the perfect amount of food.

We got Parmesan Garlic, Honey BBQ, Caribbean Jerk, and Hot. My favorite was Hot and Honey BBQ.

After eating we went to Target for a bit and I got some fancy tape and pretty paperclips.
Finally, we went to Starbucks and I got a Zebra Hot Chocolate. They made a mistake when I ordered, though and they gave me a Zebra Mocha. They remade it for me AND let me keep the mocha, so Mike got a free Starbucks.

「木」カフェ・オ・レ☆ Café・au・lait

On Thursday I spent some time with my sister at a cafe. It's called Dolce Bella and they had a huge display case with fancy chocolates in it. I didn't get any though.

The atmosphere in the cafe is very open and nice. I definitely want to go again some time.

I ordered a Café au lait and it was very delicious even though it didn't have any sugar. I think that may be the way to go. Lots of milk, no sugar. Slightly more healthy anyway!

I was spending my time knitting and my sister was writing. I brought my laptop, but the password they gave me didn't work. It was a little disappointing.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

「水」バットマン☆ Batman

Yesterday was my friend's 18th birthday and party! We watched The Dark Knight Rises and man was it good. I'm a Batman nerd so I got really emotional during the movie, especially when it ended. I was a little sad that none of my other friends knew anything about Batman. Questions like "Who's Robin?" break my heart.
Anyway, after dinner, we ate at Red Robin (TIM DRAKE??). I got a giant hamburger(which i forgot to take a picture of) but I could barely even eat half of it... Very yummy though.

Birthday boy! I said happy birthday to David in a helium voice. It was quite embarrassing, but worth it because it just sounded so funny.

We got 15 balloons from our server. I felt a little bad for her, but the balloons were fun.
only 6/15 balloons in this pic
After dinner, a few of us went to eat Yogurtland. I love the Hello Kitty cups. And Tuxedosam spoons!

fun night.

「火」パイ☆ Pie

I'm always just trying to catch up on blogging. This week has seemed so long already.
I wanted to finish reading all the stories in Micro Fiction even though we're done with the book in my class and it's not required. The shadows were projected over my book and I thought it looked nice.
My mom made a peach pie because a family friend gave us a large bag of home grown peaches. Without my dad home we couldn't finish them before they went bad.
We started reading War Dances by Sherman Alexie in my class. It's really interesting and I actually like the poems included as well as the short stories.
And I felt like I needed a change do when I was fixing my nailpolish I chose this blue color instead of the teal color I've been using for about a month. I like it.
And the most exciting is that I started a new scarf!! It's the same one that I started quite a long time ago but gave up on. I restarted it 3 times in one night but I finally figured out the pattern!! I'm really happy about this scarf.

In other news, I tried to send this post from my phone, but it didn't work out so well. I won't be using the blogger app. ._.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

「月」できた!☆ Finished!

I finally finished my mobius scarf/cowl/muffler yesterday!! I started it on the 8th, so that makes 17 days. That's actually pretty fast! I didn't work on it everyday, but some days I worked on it like mad.

That's pretty much all I did yesterday. The three needle bindoff was really stressful because my third needle was slightly thicker and a lot shorter so I kept dropping it. It turned out okay though.

Monday, July 23, 2012

「日」寿司丸☆ Sushi Maru

My grandma took us out to Sushi maru for lunch so that she could meet with her old friend. We sat at a different table from them so that they could talk in Japanese freely.
We ordered a katsudon and shared it between me, my sister, and my mom too.
Then I ordered some salmon nigiri and a few other sushi rolls. Yum yum.
We stopped in nijiya afterwards and I saw these really cool One Piece Ramunes. I wanted one, but I really didn't need to drink it so I didn't get it. What would I have done with the bottle anyway?
I spent the rest of the day working on my midterm. My sister helped me a lot. It turned out okay in the end but I totally lost focus by my last sentence and it was a bad way to end the essay. It doesn't matter though.

「土」スコーン☆ Scones

I feel like Saturday was so long ago that I can barely remember what i did!
In the morning I sewed up a hole in one of my old Tshirts and I thoroughly impressed myself with my embroidery. But alas, I think this is about the extent of my abilities.
We went to eat Pho for lunch and got some bubble tea after. I got a Red Bean Color Icy, which was basically a red bean milky blended drink. pretty good.

We went to JC Penny's after and I got a really cute Hello Kitty sweater. I really like it, but the weather is too hot now to wear it.
I like looking at the little boy Tshirts. They're always so exciting. Too exciting.
V came over in the afternoon again and we tried to make some scones. It was kind of a disaster. We put in too much baking soda, then took out the extra, over mixed the scones, and forgot to put sugar on top. It was a hilarious experience, but I don't think either V or I have a future in baking.
As it turns out, the scones actually taste pretty good, but I have yet to try to eat the giant scone yet. (We had to make a giant one because there wasn't enough space on the pan for 4 more scones.)
We went to fry's briefly after dinner to check the prices on laptops (my sister wants a new laptop) and I found these hilarious Hello Kitty karaoke machines. They light up for parties!
Also ridiculous but less so, Hello Kitty electric and acoustic guitars!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

「金」六角☆ Hexagon

Today is my day off, so I got to relax a lot! Sadly, I didn't take any pictures because I was relaxing so much that I just forgot!

In the morning my mom and I went to the grocery store to get some sandwich ingredients. It took longer than expected because the lady who was serving the cold cuts counter was extremely chatty! She was a friendly lady though, and gave us slices of meat to eat for free.

Then at home we made open face sandwiches and tea. LC and V came to join in on the tea party.

V and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing Batman Arkham City, while LC played my Playstation. The puppy terrorized us the whole time! Eating everything he can get his paws on. He's badly behaved.

In the evening I worked on crocheting a puffy hexagon from this pattern on ravelry. I saw the beekeeper's quilt pattern a few months ago, but it popped up on my radar again last night. But alas, I'm more of a crochet person than a knit person. The crochet pattern worked out pretty well for me!
it looks like a cupcake!
I miscounted a couple times on the first half of the hexagon, but the second half went off without a hitch. It's a little ugly, but not too bad for a first try of a random pattern.
puffy puffy~

「木」ラーメン☆ Ramen

Yesterday was a very ramen day. Class was productive. We had peer reviews for our midterm essays. I think I'm going in a good direction so far.

For lunch, my mom wanted to take my nana to Misoya, a ramen shop that features 4 different styles of miso ramen. It's a very pretty restaurant in my opinion. The shop front is all wood and engraved. The interior is dark, but has a really authentic feel to it.
I didn't want to get ramen, so I ordered から揚げ(Karaage). I didn't really like the dipping sauce that they served with it, so I ended up just eating it plain. It was crispy and yummy! 
close up!
Driving around, I saw a car with a Batman sticker on it! I'm jealous!!
The reason for not getting ramen at a ramen shop is that I was planning on going out to my favorite ramen shop, Kahoo Ramen, for dinner with some friends, Mike and Jay! They had never gone before and I love this place so much, I want to share it with all of my friends.
Mike! I forgot to snap a shot of Jay -_-
I got Shio ramen, Jay got Shoyu (what I usually get) and Mike got some other shoyu ramen whose name I can't remember. I'm really glad that they liked the ramen. Jackie drank ALL her soup, and I got Mike to finish my noodles for me! Success!
my shio
side order of kimchi!
After dinner we went to Clover Bakery. I love all the breads. We took extra long choosing which ones to buy. I got an apple danish, a UFO pan (my favorite!), and a choco chip melon pan for my sister. I ate the apple danish immediately despite how full I was. It was worth it!
Finally, we walked around Mitsuwa and Kinokuniya a little because they never go there! I showed them a few of my favorite products. I walked past this face mask display, and there was a plastic mask stuck to it. It was a little scary, so I took a picture! 
It was a really fun evening, and I really hope we can hang out the three of us again soon.