Friday, July 20, 2012

「木」ラーメン☆ Ramen

Yesterday was a very ramen day. Class was productive. We had peer reviews for our midterm essays. I think I'm going in a good direction so far.

For lunch, my mom wanted to take my nana to Misoya, a ramen shop that features 4 different styles of miso ramen. It's a very pretty restaurant in my opinion. The shop front is all wood and engraved. The interior is dark, but has a really authentic feel to it.
I didn't want to get ramen, so I ordered から揚げ(Karaage). I didn't really like the dipping sauce that they served with it, so I ended up just eating it plain. It was crispy and yummy! 
close up!
Driving around, I saw a car with a Batman sticker on it! I'm jealous!!
The reason for not getting ramen at a ramen shop is that I was planning on going out to my favorite ramen shop, Kahoo Ramen, for dinner with some friends, Mike and Jay! They had never gone before and I love this place so much, I want to share it with all of my friends.
Mike! I forgot to snap a shot of Jay -_-
I got Shio ramen, Jay got Shoyu (what I usually get) and Mike got some other shoyu ramen whose name I can't remember. I'm really glad that they liked the ramen. Jackie drank ALL her soup, and I got Mike to finish my noodles for me! Success!
my shio
side order of kimchi!
After dinner we went to Clover Bakery. I love all the breads. We took extra long choosing which ones to buy. I got an apple danish, a UFO pan (my favorite!), and a choco chip melon pan for my sister. I ate the apple danish immediately despite how full I was. It was worth it!
Finally, we walked around Mitsuwa and Kinokuniya a little because they never go there! I showed them a few of my favorite products. I walked past this face mask display, and there was a plastic mask stuck to it. It was a little scary, so I took a picture! 
It was a really fun evening, and I really hope we can hang out the three of us again soon.

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