Thursday, August 2, 2012

「水」イースィマック☆ Easy Mac

My sister came home from her business trip today. I missed her and we were silly all afternoon. We especially bothered the puppy a lot. heh heh. He's nice when he's sleepy.

In the afternoon the three of us (my sisters and I) went to Peet's Coffee because we had a coupon for a free medium drink. There were so many people there and the baristas were so busy, I felt bad for them. I got a Caffe Freddo, but I didn't actually like it very much. There were ground expresso beans in it, and it gave the drink a strange texture because I felt like I should have been chewing the bean fragments. It was just strange. The taste, however, was really good! I'll probably stick to a non blended drink next time. I liked how my nails matched the color of the cup and straw though.

Dinner was lazy today since neither my sister nor my father were eating at home, so I made myself some Easy Mac and went to town. So delicious!

I got some good sewing done for my blanket and also read quite a bit, so I was very happy today.

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