Friday, July 20, 2012

「金」六角☆ Hexagon

Today is my day off, so I got to relax a lot! Sadly, I didn't take any pictures because I was relaxing so much that I just forgot!

In the morning my mom and I went to the grocery store to get some sandwich ingredients. It took longer than expected because the lady who was serving the cold cuts counter was extremely chatty! She was a friendly lady though, and gave us slices of meat to eat for free.

Then at home we made open face sandwiches and tea. LC and V came to join in on the tea party.

V and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing Batman Arkham City, while LC played my Playstation. The puppy terrorized us the whole time! Eating everything he can get his paws on. He's badly behaved.

In the evening I worked on crocheting a puffy hexagon from this pattern on ravelry. I saw the beekeeper's quilt pattern a few months ago, but it popped up on my radar again last night. But alas, I'm more of a crochet person than a knit person. The crochet pattern worked out pretty well for me!
it looks like a cupcake!
I miscounted a couple times on the first half of the hexagon, but the second half went off without a hitch. It's a little ugly, but not too bad for a first try of a random pattern.
puffy puffy~

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