Sunday, July 29, 2012

「日」バーコード☆ Barcode

I started off the day by going to the movies with Mike, his little brother, and V. We watched The Dark Knight Rises. I saw it just a few days ago, but neither Mike nor V saw it yet and I wanted to see it again. Besides, morning movies cost less than usual. It was just as amazing the second time as the first time. I understood a lot of the smaller details this time, but I was a little bored in the beginning. I probably won't watch it a third time.
After the movie and a quick lunch at home, I went to Barcode with my friends Kristen and Phoebe. I got a Red Bean Yuki, which was basically liquefied red beans. I need to try out a new drink. These red bean drinks don't usually work out. It didn't taste bad, but it was a little strange, and pretty heavy.

I also bought a raspberry macaron and the woman at the counter gave me a passion fruit macaron for free because they don't sell well! Lucky me! They were both very delicious. The passion fruit one may have even been better than the raspberry.

Phoebe gave me a really pretty (friendship?) bracelet that she made just for me! I really like it. It's so much nicer than the ones I buy! I hope I can take good care of it and keep it for a long time.

At home, the dog was sleeping in a funny position. I always try to catch a picture of him when he's sleeping with his legs straight out, but I'm not so successful at that.

Since I'm leaving for college in less than a month (just about 20 days!) I decided that I really need to get my butt in gear and finish my granny octagon blanket. I had a bunch of octagons already made but without the ends sewn in, so I finished up a few and sewed them on to the blanket.

My goal is to make at least one octagon, ends sewn in and attached to the blanket, a day. It's definitely doable and I also have to catch up with all of the ones I already made. Not to mention all the squares I have to make for the in betweens. I finished two octagons and two squares today. Progress!!

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