Monday, July 23, 2012

「土」スコーン☆ Scones

I feel like Saturday was so long ago that I can barely remember what i did!
In the morning I sewed up a hole in one of my old Tshirts and I thoroughly impressed myself with my embroidery. But alas, I think this is about the extent of my abilities.
We went to eat Pho for lunch and got some bubble tea after. I got a Red Bean Color Icy, which was basically a red bean milky blended drink. pretty good.

We went to JC Penny's after and I got a really cute Hello Kitty sweater. I really like it, but the weather is too hot now to wear it.
I like looking at the little boy Tshirts. They're always so exciting. Too exciting.
V came over in the afternoon again and we tried to make some scones. It was kind of a disaster. We put in too much baking soda, then took out the extra, over mixed the scones, and forgot to put sugar on top. It was a hilarious experience, but I don't think either V or I have a future in baking.
As it turns out, the scones actually taste pretty good, but I have yet to try to eat the giant scone yet. (We had to make a giant one because there wasn't enough space on the pan for 4 more scones.)
We went to fry's briefly after dinner to check the prices on laptops (my sister wants a new laptop) and I found these hilarious Hello Kitty karaoke machines. They light up for parties!
Also ridiculous but less so, Hello Kitty electric and acoustic guitars!!

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