Saturday, July 7, 2012

「金」ニット☆ Knitting

今日は日本的なショッピングセンターに行った。「Clover Bakery」に昼ごはんを食べた。パン屋はかわいい。

Today I went to the Japanese shopping center. I ate lunch at Clover Bakery. I really like that bakery because it's so small and cute, but since the shop keepers mostly only speak Japanese, I get flustered and confused.

「Ham and  Cheese Katsu」パンを食べた。すごくおいしかった。日本お煎茶を飲んだけど、ちょっとおいしくなっかた。大丈夫だった。

I ate a Ham and Cheese Katsu bread. I never ate it before but it was really tasty. I got a Japanese Green Tea too, but it wasn't very good. It was really bitter and I just didn't like it. But ohwell.

あそこの本屋で3人の友達のお誕生日のプレゼントを買った。ちっちゃい LEGO セットはかっこよかったから、二つを買った。pさんは村上春樹先生の「1Q84」を読んでいるから、シリーズの最後の本をpさんのために買った。

There's a nice bookstore there where I bought birthday presents for three friends. I got two mini LEGO sets for two friends, and for the third, I bought the last book (the sixth book) of 1Q84 for my friend who has been reading them in Japanese. 


The crafting books were on sale, so I got a book for knitting and crocheting. I went home and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to knit a scarf. It turned out to be a huge learning experience because my technique all of these years knitting is horrible! 

The craft book I got


The scarf so far

My mom brought me some wool from Sweden, so I really want to make something nice with it.

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