Monday, September 24, 2012

「月」A little sick

It’s regrettable, but I’m a little sick. I caught a cold. sickness travels really easily in the close proximity of dorm living. I have a stuffy nose and sometimes a cough, but overall I just feel gross. I’ve been drinking lots of vitamin supplements, so hopefully I’ll be able to get over this quickly.

The worst thing though is that I’m going crazy in my classes. My biggest lecture was so cold today I was fidgeting everywhere. As soon as class ended I got a sweatshirt from my room, ate too much for lunch and had a terrible nap until I wasn’t cold anymore. At least I’m feeling better than that now. I ate a cinnamon roll. It was yummy, but would have been better if I was patient and heated it up in the microwave in my room.


In other news, today was some event for Arnold Schwarzenegger. They set up huge tents on the lawn outside my window on Sunday morning, which made it quite hard to sleep. Then today they had a big reception and party. My friend told me that she walked past the ex governor but she didn’t take a picture!



My roommate’s family sent her a package and in it they included a little USC bear for me. I’m really happy and I think it was so sweet of them to think of me.


I’m definitely going to try to go to bed early today and beat this cold!

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