Sunday, September 16, 2012


I’m trying out using Windows Live Writer to write my blog post for the first time. If this works, then it’ll be so much more convenient to write my blog posts!


My Batman posters came in the mail this week and I’m so happy! I put two of them up so far, but I need to collect some more materials before I can stick the other ones on the walls. IMG_2079

It was someone on my floor’s birthday this week, so her mother came and decorated her door, and also gave us all cupcakes! The frosting was so bright pink that it stained everything. The couches and the carpet in the lounge area now have pink smears on them.

Right now I’m studying in the library and writing my essay which is about the Twilight movie.

I had sleepovers with my friend Ani twice this weekend. The circumstances weren’t that great, but I’m really glad that we were able to get closer.

I also decided to get back into the crocheting habit. I planned out two different color patterns for the same blanket, and I think I’ve decided which one to make, but I definitely won’t have enough yarn for the whole thing, so I’ll have to find a yarn or fabric store here in LA. I could also order some online, but I hate to waste money on shipping. Since I haven’t decided how to join the squares yet. I won’t show my pattern. However, it’s based on this blanket that I think is wonderful.

Click for source!

I was just playing around with granny squares today. I really miss crocheting. It’s very relaxing. But I have to have some self control! I need to finish my homework before I can let loose and crochet to my heart’s content! Even if I finish my homework, though, I still have plenty of studying to do!


Well, we’ll see how this posting from writer works!

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