Thursday, October 11, 2012

[木] Picture dump

I’ve been so lazy about updating my blog. I have lots of pictures though, so I’m jut gonna post some of those.IMG_2170

I love the instant coffee in the dining hall. 3+ expressos a day. IMG_2168

my bed looks so nice when I make it!!IMG_2167

There was a random cow at school one day so I took his picture.

I went bowling with the Japanese club, Nikkei and after we ate some korean tofu soup at 10pm! crazy late dinner. But so good.


I think I go to volcano too often. Gotta love that pmtIMG_2201

Mom sent me sapporo ichiban ramen. <3IMG_2262

Got a new iphone case. It’s an ice cream sandwich!IMG_2274Huge display at LA Live for the League of Legends Championship this weekend!IMG_2294Met dumbfoundead!! Terrible picture, but super exciting!

IMG_2366Nikkei friends!!IMG_2358Strangely yummy shave ice complete with ice cream, mochi, and azuki. All green tea flavor! IMG_2347First Korean BBQ in KTown! I actually went to the same restaurant before with my parents when I visited USC for the first time.IMG_2325IMG_2302

Well that’s been the past 2 weeks with lots of gaps in between. Smile

Today I have two midterms, Computer Science and Statistics. I’m not too worried, but it’ll be a tiring day. This afternoon my parents are coming down for the weekend! Super excited!

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