Saturday, September 8, 2012

「金」College Life

I'm having a fun time at college! I have lots of friends now and it's pretty comfortable living here. I'd say the only bad thing is that it's so hot everyday. but you can't really change that. I had my first computer science lab yesterday finally. I love programming. It's super nerdy but so fun. we use the UNIX operating system and it's a very different experience but fun.
my class is very close to my friend's dorm so I ate lunch with her before going to class.
I found this funny sign in the bathroom of the dining hall.

I'm so glad that my friends live down the hall or a few floors away from me. :)
I like drinking ice coffee in the dining hall. wakes me up.

I have a lot of homework and studying I should be doing. My quality of blogging has gone so far down lol. ohwell!!

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