Sunday, August 5, 2012

「土」糸☆ Yarn

Yesterday morning I went to an estate sale with Pocket and her sister. The advertisement said that there were hundreds of skeins of yarn, so we went to go check it out. There were huge bins of yarn, and a lot of matching skeins. It was great. Most of it was ribbon though, and I'm not sure how to use that, so I didn't get it. I bought all the cotton yarn that was there. The skeins are small, but there were a bunch of them, so I think it's okay. I got 11 skeins and a ball of yarn for only $10!

I looked up the prices of the yarn and even though I couldn't find the price of the Bernat, it came out to around $27 not even including the price of those three skeins! Good deal! I'm super excited about using these, but I don't know what to make yet.
Then Pocket and I split up the DC postcards that we bought together. It was a pack of 100 postcards of vintage comic covers. super exciting. We each got 50, so it was a great deal. These are some of my favorites.

In the afternoon, my sister and I took our dog to the park with some of her friends and one of their dogs. It was the first time that Godzilla met a girl dog, and also the first time that he didn't get over scared or over vicious with another dog! Godzilla made his first friend!

The dog's name is Mocha and she's super sweet. It was a fun afternoon and Godzilla really got to use his energy.

For dinner, my family and I went to a nice Chinese restaurant and had a huge dinner, but I forgot to take pictures again! I only got a picture of my half eaten Hot and Sour soup. haha!

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