Tuesday, August 14, 2012

「火」歯医者☆ Dentist

Oh dear me, I completely ruined my daily blogging streak. It can't be helped I suppose.
In the past week, I finished my summer class, went to Great America, went to the dentist, and started to really pack to move to SoCal.
sunset from a walk the other day
Working on my final was really tough because I didn't really understand what my teacher wanted me to write. But I wrote something and turned it in. haha! we'll see how the grade turns out.
I went out for lunch on the last day of class with Mee-Sung and Kristen. It was a goodbye lunch for Kristen, who already left for China. I'll miss her!!
our drinks are a family! Plus my wallet is the family cat.
The ramen was prettyyy good!
Went to Great America with Vincent, Kandice, and Lawrence. I was going to go with my other friend, but she couldn't make it. It was fun. We didn't go on a ton of rides, but took our time and chilled out. The rapids ride, which is usually one of my favorites, was horrible! They changed the ride so that you 100% get wet and not just splashed anymore, but SOAKED! it was not fun. The other ride, it's like a big 15 people slide, was much more fun. The day after I was so sore from being jostled it was sad. It took 3 days for the soreness to go away!
I went to the dentist yesterday and I got 1 cavity filled, and today I have to go back to get another filled. :( My mouth is so sore! They missed with the numbing injection yesterday and then it really hurt when they started fixing it. They had to give me another shot, but then after my face was so numb that I accidentally bit myself. It's not a happy situation.

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  1. Such a nice photo~
    And the food looks so good. *_*