Saturday, January 24, 2015

North + South Eating

I've had these pictures saved in my drafts for a while.

Shabu Shabu with my mom and sister before I went back to LA. One Pot.

Why yes, I do actually want a macchiato. From Bellano.

Made a hat to keep myself warm if I get cold. The pom pom did not turn out as foofy as I dreamed, but not bad for a first try.

Packing to go back to LA.... with Goofy Tsum Tsum!!

Found a cute daruma at a restaurant near school.

Just a typical 2 pm breakfast at Aloha Cafe.

And finally, a dumpling craving means typing in dumplings to yelp and going to a random restaurant. Worked out great! Dunno if I'd call these "dumplings" though. More like chinese buns. Myung In Dumplings.

I'm sick, but craving Little Tokyo foods...

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