Sunday, October 20, 2013

「日」Being Lazy

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I've just been lying around my apartment being lazy a LOT this weekend. Waking up late, going to bed early (as early as can be expected..) it's been a good weekend. Probably could have used a bit more coffee, but with my lack of homework, I shouldn't complain.

Made hot and sour soup from a mix. Reminds me of home since my mom makes this a lot. And I put large amounts of wakame in everything since I bought a huge package in the beginning of the school year. I particularly like seeing the soup in these bowls that one of my roommates' moms bought. it's orange on the outside and pink on the inside like a grapefruit. so cute.

I fixed a hole in one of my friend's sweatpants the other day, which got me in the crafty mood again. Crocheting like its no body's business. It's definitely nice seeing the rows add up.

It's pretty happy when it warms my lap as I work too.

And ofcourse playing around with picture apps. Ate lotsa yummy things this weekend. If only I wasn't too lazy to actually cook for myself.
I finished one books, started another, but I don't know if I'll be able to finish this one as quickly. I also started watching Game of Thrones today and I gotta admit, it's pretty intense.


  1. HOT AND SOUR SOUP!!! Haven't had that in ages. Ahhh I miss my mom's cooking.
    Pretty blanket! How many have you made so far? I remember that red one granny square one, then the blue purple one...

    1. hehe, instant soup really is the best. This is my third blanket, but I also have another one that I started that's a bunch of granny squares in plus formations. I dont know when i'll ever get around to working on that one though...